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Danyal Atif - CL Executive Solutions Automations Specialist

About Danyal

Danyal Atif, our Business Process Consultant has been in the automation and process development industry since he was 19. One of his biggest achievements is being hired as the Chief Operations Officer of a music label at the age of 20.
His goal is simply to reduce the workload of entrepreneurs and their teams. There’s a lot that goes into a business and to keep all of that in your brain makes it scaling and delegating work to others a serious challenge. To combat this growing problem, Danyal uses automation and high-level project management tactics to enable your business to scale without fear.
In his off time, Danyal enjoys getting sushi or Korean bbq with his friends. If you enjoy either of those foods, be sure to bring it up in your call with him!
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Communication Corner

Blogging, Video Creation, Content Creation (Canva, Photoshop, Story Form Ad Writing)

You may need to supercharge your marketing impact and maximize your time, or your zone of genius may simply live in other areas. Either way, let us help you with your Core Message Marketing, Video for Social Media posts and advertisements, and blogs that grab the attention you desire! Video draws 4x the attention that written posts do. Do you want to share your unique perspective through regularly scheduled blogs? Our experienced Communication staff is here to help!

  • Hi-Def Video clips for use individually or in longer video projects
    • 5-30 Second Clips
    • 1-10 Minute Story Videos
  • Blogs written with unique style that captures your tone and honors your perspective
  • Social Media (social strategic planning, coordination of all social platforms, target marketing & ads, content writing) Article and blog post creation.
  • Core Message Identification/Marketing – Strategizing & Branding
  • Copywriting:
    • News Releases
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • LinkedIn Articles
    • Press Releases
  • Copy Editing
  • Strategic Planning and Core Branding Process

View WomanpreneurDigitalAgency.Link to review video samples

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Abby Bassie-Cripps, CL Executive Solution's Remote Computer Specialist

About Abby

Abidel (Abby) Bassie-Cripps is CL Executive Solution’s Remote Computer Specialist. She started playing with computers back in the late 1980’s, and as technology changed she has been learning every day!

For 30+ years, she has been helping people with their computer issues. As time progressed, her help went from a technical aspect, just like many computer IT / Tech Support shops offered, to a version of One-to-One tutoring with IT / Tech support.

Since she retired from being a truck driver, she has renewed her love of helping people adjust to their computers. Sometimes it is a new computer or new skills that people need help with. Whatever the reason, she has been enjoying helping people. Many friends have come to her for help after having bad experiences with traditional computer IT / Tech Support shops. With the attribute of caring about people, she do not want to see anyone settle for unsatisfactory work by other companies.


Jennifer Drew Elia, CL Executive Solutions Digital Marketing Strategist & Trello Project Manager Expert

About Jennifer

Jennifer Elia has over a decade of experience in content creation, ghostwriting, and SEO marketing. She has created content and strategies for websites, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and online stores. Her real passion is designing targeted SEO marketing plans that have big impact. Jennifer takes a more holistic approach to content marketing that is goal driven. Through SEO optimization and goal driven planning, she has helped small businesses build their entire product suite, as well as online presence.

Jennifer holds multiple degrees including two bachelor degrees, and a masters degree in the art of teaching. What they all have in common is her desire to help others, solve problems, and create content! Her years spent teaching, amplify her ability to organize, plan, and connect with others. So, it’s no wonder that Jennifer is a bit obsessed with Trello–an online planning and organization app. Her goal is for businesses to make a bigger impact in less time so they have more resources to serve clients.


Caroline Donnelly - CL Executive Solutions Technical Virtual Assistant

About Caroline

Caroline Donnelly has been a virtual assistant for over ten years, specializing in all things techie, streamlining systems and automation. She develops, maintains and updates WordPress websites and membership sites, shopping carts, newsletters and email marketing, and does podcast editing and production. Caroline has experience with almost any online marketing system you can think of including Infusionsoft/Keap, Kajabi, MailChimp, AWeber, Active Campaign, Ontraport, 1 Shopping Cart and more. She is grateful to Hunter, her cat, for allowing her to live in his house.


Carl Richards, CL Executive Solutions Podcaster Strategist

About Carl

Carl Richards has spent more than 25 years behind the microphone, entertaining and influencing audiences world wide. He’s a TEDx Speaker and emcee, host of the Speaking of Speaking Podcast and the founder and CEO of Carl Speaks. Carl helps entrepreneurs find their voice, launch world class podcasts and grow thriving and profitable businesses. He lives with his spouse in Gananoque Ontario Canada and enjoys boating in the 1000 Islands.
Podcast Launch Made Simple


Lori Kirstein, Cl Executive Solutions' Marketing Blogger, Canva, Photoshop & Video Editing Expert

About Lori

Lori Kirstein is CL Executive Solutions’ “Mad Creative” Contractor. Writer, Marketing Content/Image Creator, Video Expert, Speaker, Business Consultant and Communication Specialist, Lori’s superpower is her ability to help the customer identify or focus their core message and then to capture, elevate and deliver the mood and tone of that message. Lori is also the founder of The Goodbye Good Girl Project, and Leadershift, bringing human solutions to “unsolvable” business problems.
Lori offers Content Creation (Blogs, Websites, Long-Form Facebook Ads), and Designer (Canva, Photoshop) & Video Expertise


Catherine Lazure is your Selling On The Spot Representative

CL Executive Solutions is proud to have partnered with Selling on the Spot Inc as a Licensee of the Selling on the Spot Marketplace – Online and launched on January 16th, 2021. As we are passionate about helping business owners claw back some of their time and assisting in areas of their business that they need assistance with, we felt that our beliefs towards helping the entrepreneur community aligned with that of Jane Warr, Trainer Jane of Selling on the Spot Inc. Please join us at our events where you’re not only networking to build up your database and having opportunities to collaborate but to actually learn how to sell effectively and promote your business, whether you are in services, products, direct sales or MLMs. You will book appointments and make sales on the spot! If you enjoy meeting new people, presenting your business to others or feel you want to come out of your comfort zone and learn to do so, this is THE networking platform for you.


Need cash flow? Looking to meet new people? SELL ethically, efficiently and effectively at SotSM Events!
To keep everyone safe from the spread of the corona virus, all of our events are currently ONLINE.


Need cash flow? Looking to meet new people?

Join us to SELL ethically, efficiently and effectively.

That is what Selling on the Spot Marketplace is all about!

WE ARE ONLINE – with Global reach!

Limited to the FIRST 28 registrants, so Register today!

Join the vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners coming to do real business, on the spot.
It is facilitated by Catherine Lazure, Business Owner/ Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistant specializing in Administration, Operations, Marketing, Sales & Events with a Team of Professionals, and Selling on the Spot Marketplace – Online Licensee.
✅ For entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals
✅ Sell any product
✅ Sell any service
✅ Book Zoom and phone meetings
✅ For women and men, in any business type
✅ Build the authority in your field

This event is about RESULTS! It is about Networking and Selling Connections and Collaborations. Profit and Fun!

Leverage the 5 year track record to master communicating clearly and concisely, selling ethically, and closing the sale.

Leave confident and empowered, having booked appointments and closed sales on the spot!


Weekday Evenings:

6:30 pm – Welcome and Setting up how the Marketplace runs
6:50 pm – Selling Marketplace
8:15 pm – Wrap Up

Weekend Afternoons:

1:00 pm – Welcome and Setting up how the Marketplace runs
1:20 pm – Selling Marketplace
2:45 pm – Wrap Up

Entrepreneurs • Sales Professionals • Business Owners • Direct Sales • Financial Services • Professional Services • Network Marketing • Online Marketing • Speakers • Authors • Real Estate • Coaches • Business Consultants • Non-Profits • And More

Grab a drink, have something to take notes on and any visuals you want to share online.

Be ready for a fun and productive selling event!

This is a unique event with two ticket types: “Vendor” and “Sponsorship Spot”.

VENDOR includes:
✅ Networking
✅ Sales Training
✅ Selling Marketplace where you are selling any product / service and / or booking meetings

Limited number of Spots available so register today.

✅ Networking
✅ Sales Training
✅ Selling Marketplace where you are selling any product / service and / or booking meetings
✅ Show a display or share your screen during your turn. Suggestion: Display your banner too.
✅ Longer turn presenting.
✅ Logo placed in our slide deck, with introduction to the group.
✅ Industry exclusivity.
✅ Exposure on the facebook page before the event, event day, and after the event, that may also go on to Jane Warr’s, Trainer Jane’s and / or Selling on the Spot Marketplace’s social media feeds.
✅ A second ticket to gift someone that has never attended ANY Selling on the Spot Marketplace – Online event
✅ Opportunity to record a video testimonial to SotSM, naming yourself and your company, for branding, that may go on to any / all social media feeds, SotSM website and upcoming SotSM app!

Limited to 3 Sponsorship Spots per event so register today!

“Unlike any other networking event – you get to actually sell!”

“We met at Selling on the Spot Marketplace and have been collaborating ever since. It’s a mega success story!”

“I made fabulous connections, numerous sales and booked coffee dates.”

“I went to my first Selling on the Spot Marketplace and closed $1200 in business. It’s definitely an effective place to sell!”

✅ SotSM events have a 5 year track record
✅ SotSM events are in 5 countries and growing strong!
✅ SotSM is a lead generation tool and profitable business model. Applications are being accepted for licensing in your area. Please inquire for details.

Join the Community. Join the Team. Join the Movement.

Refund Policy: Tickets are not refundable.

Please view our upcoming events here. 

Photography Disclaimer: Catherine Lazure, Trainer Jane and Selling on the Spot Marketplace and CL Executive Solutions reserves the right to photograph its events for use in their publications, social media, or promotional materials. By registering for any of our events, you understand and acknowledge that your photograph may be taken and used per Jane Warr, Trainer Jane’s and / or Selling on the Spot Marketplace’s discretion.


Selling on the Spot Marketplave



Human Resources

Human Resources can be tricky and has the possibility of leading to muddy waters if you have not had the benefit of education in this sector. There are many rules, regulations and laws protecting both the employer and employee or sub-contractor that are constantly changing and evolving. There are definitions and circumstances that define both these types of roles. We can assist you in your hiring, policies, and management of your staff, becoming that middle person to keep things in balance. We will become a true HR partner to your business, regardless of size or industry. We have the capability to assist with your short term and long term needs to help you attain your business goals.

  • strategic planning
  • succession planning
  • support managing your HR needs
  • development of organizational structure
  • define roles and responsibilities
  • developing training
  • create your Employee Handbook
  • operational Policies and Procedures
  • creation and maintenance of Health and Safety manual
  • implement group insurance and retirement plans
  • development of compensation structure
  • evaluation of current (if any) salary structure
  • creation of long-term incentive programs
  • development of a plan to attract the right talent to your organization
  • support your recruitment process
  • interviewing strategies
  • preliminary interviews & screening of candidates
  • partnering for final interviews if required
  • performance review evaluation

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CL Executive Solutions COVID-19 Response

Across the world everyone is changing the way we all work. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Virtual Assistant & Professional Services are unaffected as we work remotely and the team at CL Executive Solutions is ready to serve you.  However, with in-person discussions unavailable, we would be more than happy to discuss your needs through alternative social distancing means such as conference calls, virtual meetings or via email at your convenience. Unfortunately, Event and Conference Management is restricted for immediate dates, however planning for future events is available and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please feel free to contact us:
By Phone: (647) 937-3932 (EXEC)
By Email: