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Web Analytics

Do you want to know where your traffic is coming from? Who is engaging with you and where you should be targeting your time and advertising dollars? If charts, numbers and back end administration of google analytics scares you, have no fear as our staff is experienced and here to help you get through your back end administration of your website and social links.

  • Developing, updating and optimizing an SEO and web marketing strategy.
  • Conducting a keyword research for website and performing a blog analysis.
  • Setting up and creating a landing page.
  • Sitemap and webmaster submissions.
  • Beginning a link master campaign and generating sufficient number of backlinks.
  • Off-page optimization: commenting on other blogs, participating in forums and message boards and responding to the public on YouTube and news websites.
  • Monitoring weekly and monthly Google Analytics reports; observing site traffic.
  • Designing advertisements (banners, side panel graphics, etc.) and finding appropriate, high-traffic websites to place them on.
  • Creating new list of email contacts, email newsletters and promotional copy.
  • Establishing follow-up emails and auto-responders and edit according to response rate.
  • Designing logos, ebook covers, headers, icons and other graphic elements.
  • Looking for a content marketing firm or publisher to post branded content.
  • Reach out to media outlets and influencers to garner profiles by publishers.

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