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Project Management, Account Services, Marketing and Social Media

Do you have a project in mind but need help in coordinating all the little details? Perhaps you need to have that extra hand working for solutions to mediate between you, your staff and your client? How about pooling all of your resources collectively and ensure they are all in sync? Our experienced staff are here to help!

  • Advertising & Marketing Project Management (bringing all campaigns together collectively, promotion materials, & strategic planning
  • Account Services (collaboration with all mediums & staff, your client relations, budget and projections of campaign)
  • Social Media (social strategic planning, coordination of all social platforms, target marketing & ads, content writing) Article and blog post creation.
  • Assistance with creation, posting and promoting guest blog and vlog posts
  • Composing press releases and newsletters and submitting to news release directories.
  • Producing content marketing material, such as infographics, white papers and ebooks.
  • Designing brochures and creating content to put inside.
  • Writing and submitting op-ed pieces to newspapers and websites.
  • Social Media content and calendar management of posts in a timely fashion, pertinent to your target audience at peak posting times
  • Responding to comments made on the business’s blog and vlog.
  • Interviewing industry sources to write an in-depth report on market.
  • Interviewing previous customers to compose case studies.

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