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Sometimes we all just need a little guidance, help setting goals, looking at things objectively and some friendly advice from someone who has “been around the block” a few times and can help you get focused, align your plan and achieve successful results. Everyone needs a little help now and then, and we are here for you!

Are you a sales executive that is in a slump? The leads have gone dry and you don’t know where to look next or perhaps need some tips on communication & effective dialogue, closing techniques and how to “assume the sale”?  Setting of goals, lead generation & closing tactics are a little rough around the edges? If any of this sounds familiar, you may want to consider some coaching from someone with over 25 years of selling experience, who has just about sold it all. Everything from women’s intimate apparel, men’s suits as a retail store manager, electronics, promotional advertising packages, daycare services as a business owner and healthy weight loss products, achieving Rising Star Director in only 9 days!  Are you on a dialer? Gather tips from someone who has sold insurance and solicited for charitable donations with persuasive phrasing and call handling.  The latest in the repertoire being the Executive Sales and Events Director responsible for professional proposals for a Canadian Business Magazine, reaching out to a wide array of large companies. 

When you have nothing to start with or little left in reserve funds, it is time to call in someone that can help and who has been there with several organizations.  Experienced with fundraising event coordination, for large and small organizations, with proven methods & knowledge of diverse platforms, of obtaining funds for small business start-up, progressive scale-ups or non-profit organizations, we are here to help and coach you through to finding the funds you need to keep afloat. If you need assistance in gaining momentum & volunteer recruitment, management & donor coordination, we are here to help.

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups:
Do you have a business idea for part-time or full-time income potential but don’t know how to get started? We assist getting you off the ground and running! Experienced in the “how to” go from idea to reality, developing strategic plans, consumer strategies/marketing, funding, budgeting, human resources, vendor and operations management we are pros and here to assist you achieve your business goals.

Non-profit Start-ups:
Do you want to do better for humankind in your community or on a global scale but do not know necessarily how to go about it? With experience in the non-profit sector of both established national agencies and global start-ups, we can assist you with working with reputable lawyers and your bylaws, articles of incorporation, board formation, setting up auditor, governance structure and strategic planning as well as sub-committees, human resources and fundraising for your new cause.

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