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Human Resources

Human Resources can be tricky and has the possibility of leading to muddy waters if you have not had the benefit of education in this sector. There are many rules, regulations and laws protecting both the employer and employee or sub-contractor that are constantly changing and evolving. There are definitions and circumstances that define both these types of roles. We can assist you in your hiring, policies, and management of your staff, becoming that middle person to keep things in balance. We will become a true HR partner to your business, regardless of size or industry. We have the capability to assist with your short term and long term needs to help you attain your business goals.

  • strategic planning
  • succession planning
  • support managing your HR needs
  • development of organizational structure
  • define roles and responsibilities
  • developing training
  • create your Employee Handbook
  • operational Policies and Procedures
  • creation and maintenance of Health and Safety manual
  • implement group insurance and retirement plans
  • development of compensation structure
  • evaluation of current (if any) salary structure
  • creation of long-term incentive programs
  • development of a plan to attract the right talent to your organization
  • support your recruitment process
  • interviewing strategies
  • preliminary interviews & screening of candidates
  • partnering for final interviews if required
  • performance review evaluation

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