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Communication Corner

Blogging, Video Creation, Content Creation (Canva, Photoshop, Story Form Ad Writing)

You may need to supercharge your marketing impact and maximize your time, or your zone of genius may simply live in other areas. Either way, let us help you with your Core Message Marketing, Video for Social Media posts and advertisements, and blogs that grab the attention you desire! Video draws 4x the attention that written posts do. Do you want to share your unique perspective through regularly scheduled blogs? Our experienced Communication staff is here to help!

  • Hi-Def Video clips for use individually or in longer video projects
    • 5-30 Second Clips
    • 1-10 Minute Story Videos
  • Blogs written with unique style that captures your tone and honors your perspective
  • Social Media (social strategic planning, coordination of all social platforms, target marketing & ads, content writing) Article and blog post creation.
  • Core Message Identification/Marketing – Strategizing & Branding
  • Copywriting:
    • News Releases
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • LinkedIn Articles
    • Press Releases
  • Copy Editing
  • Strategic Planning and Core Branding Process

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