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Kelli Ellis - CL Executive Solutions Web Design & Development Guru & Geek

About Kelli

Our resident techie, Kelli Ellis comes to us with over 20 years experience in the information technology arena. She has worked in environments including Windows, UNIX / LINUX and Google. Her skillset is in the area of design & development including HTML, WordPress, Analytics, SEO, eCommerce and Social Media expertise as well as a background in graphics design. Most recently Kelli has learned Mailchimp and GrooveFunnels.

Although her focus is primarily on the web, Kelli has a tendency to be able to break things – If you want a site or an app tested to its limits, with a well documented path of destruction, Kelli is the person for you!

Outside of her web skills, Kelli is also passionate about the outdoors which translates to decades of volunteering in both the Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada organizations. Her passion for health promotion and advocacy is also important to her.

While the primary focus of CL Executive Solutions is towards more ‘traditional’ company requirements, Kelli is available to help fill your IT needs. She is one of many awesome, creative yet analytical people at CL Executive Solutions. Depending on your requirements, you could be connected with her or another team member most qualified to assist you.