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Jennifer Drew Elia, CL Executive Solutions Digital Marketing Strategist & Trello Project Manager Expert

About Jennifer

Jennifer Elia has over a decade of experience in content creation, ghostwriting, and SEO marketing. She has created content and strategies for websites, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and online stores. Her real passion is designing targeted SEO marketing plans that have big impact. Jennifer takes a more holistic approach to content marketing that is goal driven. Through SEO optimization and goal driven planning, she has helped small businesses build their entire product suite, as well as online presence.

Jennifer holds multiple degrees including two bachelor degrees, and a masters degree in the art of teaching. What they all have in common is her desire to help others, solve problems, and create content! Her years spent teaching, amplify her ability to organize, plan, and connect with others. So, it’s no wonder that Jennifer is a bit obsessed with Trello–an online planning and organization app. Her goal is for businesses to make a bigger impact in less time so they have more resources to serve clients.