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Abby Bassie-Cripps, CL Executive Solution's Remote Computer Specialist

About Abby

Abidel (Abby) Bassie-Cripps is CL Executive Solution’s Remote Computer Specialist. She started playing with computers back in the late 1980’s, and as technology changed she has been learning every day!

For 30+ years, she has been helping people with their computer issues. As time progressed, her help went from a technical aspect, just like many computer IT / Tech Support shops offered, to a version of One-to-One tutoring with IT / Tech support.

Since she retired from being a truck driver, she has renewed her love of helping people adjust to their computers. Sometimes it is a new computer or new skills that people need help with. Whatever the reason, she has been enjoying helping people. Many friends have come to her for help after having bad experiences with traditional computer IT / Tech Support shops. With the attribute of caring about people, she do not want to see anyone settle for unsatisfactory work by other companies.