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What is CL Executive Solutions?

We are a boutique company that is engaging with small-mid sized companies and nonprofit organizations to offer Virtual Executive Solutions in a Busy Reality! Whether you don’t have the means to hire a full-time assistant, or are inundated with a new project, presentation or backed up file systems, we can help! We specialize in flexible service and mentor packages, featuring services in Administration, Vendor/Stakeholder Management, Human Resources with specialized competitive pricing packages to supply all your Project Management,  Marketing, Account Services, Social Media, Web Design, Web Development and Web Analytics. For your current Virtual Fundraising,  professional Event/Conference Planning & Management requirements we are here for you and ready to assist with aspirations of in-person events & fundraising opportunities, post-Covid19.

We offer the experience of well-qualified and articulate administrative management professionals, with diverse experience providing senior level support to executive teams while enhancing office operations. Contributing to the advancement of internal objectives through invoked expertise in calendar and schedule maintenance, reporting and drafting, database, web, and marketing administration, vendor development, audit support, event planning, and financial coordination. With noted successes in anticipating needs, boosting productivity and performance, encouraging purposeful collaboration, and championing best practices to drive revenue and enhance overall customer value.

Whether you are a small independent business professional needing to have someone occasionally answer your calls, organize and prioritize email, optimize filing systems, build large documents for an important meeting or presentation, our Virtual Assistant Services are here to help you. Experienced in cutting costs to the bottom line in vendor and license management operations, with experience to assist in budgeting, relocation of offices and planning a small corporate event or larger conference, you can rest assured it will done professionally, with the strictest of confidentiality, on time and on budget.  When you are ready to expand your team, utilize our Human Resources services to assist you with your screening, interviewing, hiring, training and transitional needs. We have partnered with ADP for our Human Resources CRM and payroll services to ensure we maintain best practices and legal compliance for all of your ongoing HR & payroll needs.

Have you ever wanted to hire a multi-million dollar agency to handle all your Advertising and Marketing needs? Many of us do not have the financial means to do so, but fortunately for you we have an experienced Account Services and Project Manager on our team, who has personally handled national accounts with Coco-Cola, Maybelline, Nissan, General Motors, Molson and Hyundai. Equipped with accredited certifications in both CAAP and CPPP, he is ready to help you take the next steps on expanding your current marketing strategies and to help you propel your business forward with exponential growth and opportunities. Ironically, in his spare time, he also enjoys proofreading and copy-writing resulting in exceptional services that he has graciously let us offer you.

Are you on the Internet? Today, the importance of having a web presence to explain your company, services, and pricing as well as taking a deeper dive into your Vision, Mission, Values and Consumer Relationships has become a necessary marketing tool augmenting the old fashioned business card. We are professionally equipped to assist you in building up your internet & social media footprint. We have extensive experience in the design and develop of professional websites catering to your business needs and services offered.  We establish links to all your Social Media and generate SEO, geared toward your needs to create and maintain your presence. This allows us to develop ongoing marketing and advertising strategies with our marketing specialist for your niche market.  Our Social Media team is ready to assist with content writing and following creation strategies to enlarge your social presence on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok and your professional LinkedIn. We are very fortunate to have on our team, an experienced professional who has worked on prestigious projects with companies including TD Canada Trust, Mackie Moving Systems, local Law Enforcement Agencies as well as various smaller companies in Real Estate, Music, Healthcare and the Entertainment Industry.

Mentoring Services available for Sales Professionals (closing tactics, goal settings and communication with consumer) Fundraising (tactics, donor and volunteer management as well as organizational changes), Entrepreneurs & Startups (how to get off the ground, develop strategic plan and consumer strategies).

Whether it’s for an hour, a day or a week, our short and long term contracted services can help you have the experienced professional help you need, all under one roof, at a price you can afford and trust.

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